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Just rewatched Season 1 in ‘Super HD’ and spotted a lot more books on Alex’s hot bookshelf, thanks to a ton of freeze-framing (and all the free time I had last month :)

On the top shelf, always going from left to right, I can see the books “The Yard” by Alex Grecian and “Good Evening Everybody” by Lowell Thomas next to each other. Further to the right is an “Idiot’s Guide” book of some sort, as well as “The Poetics of Space” by Gaston Bachelard. Moving along to the right, there’s a blue book entitled “Baudelaire” (author unknown), and then three books next to each other—-“The World’s Religions” (author’s surname is Smith), “Religions of the World” and “Essential Reiki”. The books “Living Enlightenment” (author unknown) and “Bodymind” by Ken Dychtwald are next to each other on that shelf, as are “Buddha” by Deepak Chopra and “Keeping the Love You Find”  (oh, the irony!!!!) by Harville Hendrix, PhD. There’s a book entitled “The Kumulipo” by Martha Warren Beckwith” on the top shelf, as well as one entitled “Tao Te Ching” (not sure of author) and “Baba” by Belle Yang. “Haunted Houses” is on the extreme right-hand side of the top shelf, but I can’t make out the author.

On the middle shelf (again going from L-R), I spotted “The Alienist” by Caleb Carr, “Drowning Water” (between the Rushdie book & “Eragon”), a book by China Mieville that looks like “The City The City”, and then a couple of yoga books side-by-side (“The Heart of Yoga” and “Yoga Mind Body & Spirit” by Donna Farhi ……Hmmmmm, Farhi is the guy talking to Alex in this scene….Nice one, OITNB writers!). There’s another yoga book called “Yoga Anatomy” further to the right, but I can’t make out who wrote it.

On the very bottom shelf, I spotted a copy of “Hurly Burly” (next to “Water for Elephants”) and then further to the right, a book  entitled “Hawaiian Phrase Book” (next to “The Harp of Burma”).

Some nit-picking…….The book by Ian McEwan on the middle shelf is actually “Saturday”, not “Amsterdam”, and the book “The Wave” (on the top shelf) is the one written by Susan Casey (not Todd Strasser). You can see the proper title and author’s name if you see it high-res as I did.

More literary references……

Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick” was referenced twice by Nicky in “The Chickening” when Piper & co. are cleaning up the mess from the chapel roof collapse—-first when she says "It’s like Red’s version of the white whale." (at the 23:13 mark) followed shortly by "But at least you’re getting in good with Captain Ahab." a few seconds later.

Frank Baum’s classic “The Wizard of Oz” was referenced by Janae Watson in “Bora Bora Bora” (at the 20:40 mark) when she mocked Pennsatucky’s healing powers with the crack "It don’t work no way ‘cause you just like the Wizard of Oz. Just a bunch of show and nothing behind the curtain." (followed up hilariously by Angie’s observation: "What are you talking about? Wizards are evil." )

Thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog; I’ve found some excellent reading recommendations in it to keep me busy until the long-awaited Season 3 :)


This is most likely the most EPIC submission ever! Will make sure it is incorporated into the references list. WOW. Thank you! 

I wonder if “The Road Less Traveled” the Oprah was talking about was this book (a classic self-help book from the 1980s) and if Piper was talking about Frost because she’s just Piper.

Just a thought. Love the blog.


Thanks!!! I like to think that the reference is mainly from Frost, but you never know! 

Hey my sister found another book, is Freakonomics by Stephen J. DubnerSteven D. Levitt.

Hope this helps!

Thank you to for pointing this out to me! A very long read that compares many different aspects of the show to reality. Props to the writer that put this together as well. 

Have you seen this? It’s Piper Kerman’s actual Amazon wishlist from when she went to prison, as posted on her website from back then, “The Pipebomb.”

Thanks for the submission! Bitch magazine once linked to it in a writeup they did on the show as well

Here are a few more ‘IRL’ things that are OITNB related

The Pipebomb (the blog you mentioned):

An article by the real Larry:

Anonymous Asked
Questionin episode 13 of season 2, pouessy and tastee are in library cleaning up flooded books, what is the book tastee finds about going back in time to scotland romance novel Answer

That’s Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. It’s part of a series and the latest one just came out last month!

Fraidyzoo by Thyra Heder gets a mention in Ep.13 of season 2. 
I’ll publish both the submissions for this one - I have been such a fail on the children’s book references!!! 

Fraidyzoo by Thyra Heder gets a mention in Ep.13 of season 2. 

I’ll publish both the submissions for this one - I have been such a fail on the children’s book references!!! 

I’m surprised this hasn’t shown up here yet: in the wonderful little scene in Season 2, Episode 13 where Ruiz’s quiet boyfriend shows up and is talking up a storm to their baby (as he was told to!), he mentions that “we read that book Fraidyzoo.”  That’s this book, by Thyra Heder.  I’d love to know how he chose that book (it is mighty cute!).

QuestionJust saw a book on Polly's coffee table in 2x11 -- they have a copy of Go The F*k to Sleep! :) Answer

OMG they totally do! Good eye! Here it is:

hi i was recently binge-watching oitnb and i saw this! i think you missed it out :-) really love your blog, it’s a wonderful idea!!

Yes, you’re right! They also poked fun at the insanely private author on The Simpsons!